Friday, June 26, 2009

Daddy's day out!

So I know alot of you don't know that I am a massive control freak. It comes from a long line of control freaks, like my Dad, and maybe his Dad and so on. So I would love to say this trait minimizes its strength thru generations to come, but how should I put this, IT DOESN'T! Let me clarify that I love and trust my husband, obviously, I married him and gave life to his 3 children. But when it came to him leaving the house with them, I just couldn't bring myself to let that go. I was worried about him dropping one of the kids (although this has never happened), or that someone would steal the baby. I mean seriously, I am deranged and he should have divorced me quicker than you can say Fertility Specialist. But this day will go down in history. Because as I live and breath, my husband walked out the door with my baby boy and lived to tell about it.
I know, I know, I should let it go. I mean the boy is almost a year old and he will have no recollection of spending time with his father because his overbearing mother wouldn't let him.
I'm working on this issue though.

Whatevever works for you!

This is what a Mom of triplets has to do when she has to leave the house alone and you cannot leave babies unattended either in the playroom or the car that's running. Because in case you don't live close enough to Texas to capture even 1% of the residual heat, it's fuckin' hot! Like 106 degrees hot. And it's only June. Oh and did I mention I am planning the birthday party. I think I may change the theme to African safari or something like that.